Here we go!

After eight months of planning, prepping, brainstorming, trial and error and eventually some success we are finally up and running! Strike Addiction is breathing life!

What started out on social media as a way to get other fellow anglers together to share photos and videos has turned into a small line of apparel and the industry’s first most innovative angler catch bag.

Why sell a poly bag made to transport fish for anglers in the field? Any serious angler knows that space on the boat is a premium, especially if you have multiple people on board. Usually anglers keep fish separate from food and drink which typically requires two coolers and more ice. Our bag is designed with the idea that anglers can now store their catch in a sealed bag along with their food and drink combined in one cooler. Save space, save money, and contain the mess!

Our bag is constructed using FDA and USDA approved materials and is certified for food use. The multi-layer blend is designed to resist puncture and the zipper seal allows the angler to add their catch all day long.

It is an exciting time for us here at Strike Addiction. A big thank you to family, friends, co-workers and everyone else along the way that have helped us launch this company.

Please visit us on FB and join our group to spread the addiction and join in the fun!

Clint & Don

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