One For The Outfitters

As a charter Captain you can take pride in the experience you offer customers.  Preparation and planning results in big smiles and return trips for clients.  From the first impression to the last handshake your clients should know their needs will be carefully provided for.  Sending clients home with their beautiful catch in a cheap bag that barely makes it to their car or one that leaks on the way home is not the way any Captain likes to say goodbye after a fun day on the water.

I recently asked one of our Partner Captains why he uses Strike Addiction Angler Catch Bags in his operation.  "This business is 100% customer service and if a client has a good time but gets home to a mess, guess what they'll remember the next time.  A few extra cents on a bag is nothing compared to the lost return business and yes, it is really that important." 

I love showing people our bags for the first time.  Usually nine out of ten times the first thing someone says is, "Wow, they are a lot bigger than I thought."  They love the zipper closure and how well they are built.

When Don and I founded Strike Addiction and began the design and engineering for the Angler Catch Bag we not only wanted to offer an industry first product, we wanted the best product our fellow anglers could get.  When you put one our bags in your hands you can instantly feel the quality and craftsmanship.

If you are an outfitter and are on the fence about adding Angler Catch Bags to your operation I would encourage you to reach out to any of our Partner Outfitters and talk to them.  Ask them why they use the bags in their business.

Give us a call or contact us today and let us know how we can help you take your operation to the next level by providing your clients with the best fish transport storage bag the industry has ever seen!

- Clint Novak


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