Don Ketzenberg

Don Ketzenberg is a Washington native and was born and raised in Yakima.  Don caught the fishing addiction bug about eight years ago after a salmon fishing trip on the Columbia River.  He knew right away that he needed a boat and jumped head first into fishing. 

To fuel his thirst for fishing Don’s career for over 24 years now has been in the plastics industry, specifically flexible packaging and blown film.  His experience includes running a 24/7 operation as the Director of Flexographic Printing and Conversion.  He is a certified black belt in lean manufacturing.  His experience and knowledge about flexible packaging makes him an expert in the design and function of the industry’s first ever angler catch bag.

Before his career in the plastics industry Don was a Specialist in the US Army.  He served our country in the Iraq war and was honorably discharged from the Army in 1992.  We are proud of his service and we support made in the USA products proudly here at Strike Addiction.

Don is married and has one son.  Fishing for the Ketzenberg’s is a pretty serious matter come about September.  Don and wife Nancy can be found as often as they have time to go down on the Columbia River chasing salmon, the fish that started it all for him. 

Everyone has a passion.  For some it is a vintage car, or a motorcycle.  Horsepower keeps the heart racing but for Don it is the thrill of the take down.  Nothing is more exciting and gets the adrenaline pumping for him than to see that fishing rod fire off.  Strike Addiction was founded on feelings like this and for Don it doesn’t get any better than to be waiting behind the rod for the next fish to hit.