As a charter Captain I take pride in the experience I offer my customers. Preparation and planning on my part results in big smiles and return trips for them. From the first impression to the last handshake my clients know their needs have been carefully provided for. Sending clients home with their beautiful catch in a trash bag is not the way any Captain likes to say goodbye. Garbage bags are made for garbage not food and more and more trash bags are treated with chemicals that don’t belong on food. Now your clients can go home with their prize protected by a bag created with fish in mind.

I’m proud to introduce you to The Strike Addiction catch bag. Constructed of FDA food grade materials, this bag is designed for fish. The 3-layer extrusion process results in a strong bag that seals in scent, resists puncture, and is reusable. The bag prevents coolers from smelling like fish and it keeps fresh fillets safe, sealed, and uncontaminated. The strong zipper holds fish in, while the extra-large catch info box accommodates info such as angler name, date, and location. We even added a ruler on the bottom to help you settle a few arguments! Best of all our bag is made entirely in the USA and is designed by fisherman for fisherman.

Please examine this sample and the outfitter pricing below. I think you’ll find the bags will make quite an impression on your customers and you’ll be happy with their surprising affordability. We have inventory in stock and can ship as soon as payment is confirmed. Prices do not include shipping and are good for 30 days.

-Captain David Dietrich